Can't enable NextDNS

I've installed NextDNS three times on UniFi Dream Machines. On a new system I can't get it enabled. The ISP service is Xfinity. Could that be my problem?

I've run the install command via Terminal without any issues. I've set up the DNS setting in the Dream Machine settings. 

In the setup tab I see the following:

This device is not using NextDNS.

This device is currently using ”NETACTUATE” as DNS resolver.

In Terminal when I run nextdns status the response is running.

Any suggestions on getting it enabled is appreciated.

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  • What do you get for https://test.nextdns.io?

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    • NextDNS Thank you. I will report back later today with the results.

  • I have the same issue. Installed NextDNS on 1.9.3 UDM Pro, via CLI. status is running, log shows connection. Tells me I am using cloudflare, which is only configured on WAN link on UDM pro. 


    output from test.nextdns.io is:

    "status": "unconfigured",
    "client": "2601:1c0:4701:eca0:55c3:eb06:b99b:7671",
    "resolver": "",
    "ecs": "",
    "server": "zepto-sea-1"
    • Jonathan H Donaldson do you have IPv6 setup on your LAN?

  • The results after running test.nextdns.io are

    Status : “unconfigured”

    “Client” : my IP address

    Resolver :

    “Server” : “vulture-dal-1”

  • yes, I have ipv6 via prefix from WAN2 (comcast)

    • Jonathan H Donaldson the CLI on UDM does not yet support IPv6.

    • NextDNS Any workarounds?

    • Jonathan H Donaldson if you can convince UDM not to advertise an IPv6 as DNS to LAN clients, it should work.

  • Fwiw - I am using an Xfinity/Comcast business account. 

  • Jonathan H Donaldson john concannon

    I configured a DNS virtual machine under the same network segment of my UDM-Pro, such as Ubuntu or Debian (Raspberry Pi or other virtualized host), only installed NextDNS-CLI, and installed the WAN port on UDM-Pro. DNS resolution configures the ipv4 address of the virtual machine.

    The IPv4 and IPv6 of the virtual machine DNS (usually IPv6 starting with fe80) can also be manually set to provide resolution through DHCP notification to the client, so that NextDNS can control the resolution of the WAN port and LAN port, although the client can manually modify the DNS To bypass NextDNS control.

    This is a feasible solution that I think can use NextDNS on UDM. for reference only.

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