Linked IP security questions

Hello, I was about to start using the link-ip.nextdns.io URL to update my IP and was wondering how I can protect against another user linking my IP (assuming they have access to my local guest network). I see that both the source IP and the DNS server IP are used in making a determination of what configuration is used, but how many DNS server IPs exist and what happens in the case of an overlap?

I would also like to know how the `link-ip.nextdns.io` URL can be rotated. Knowing the URL allows an attacker to unset my linked ip, so in the case where it leaks I'd need a way to rotate this URL.

Finally in some cases using a linked-ip at all could leak information about my network. For example queries to custom rewrites could be used to enumerate information from a different vlan. Is there a way to disable linked-ip mode entirely?



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