Sending Device Name on Android

Hey there,

I am using Android 12 and when I go to Network Settings > Private DNS and enter the link provided on my.nextdns.com followed by /Note20, the settings panel won't let me save.

Has anyone found an alternative to sending their device name with the Private DNS feature in Android?         

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  • As far as I know private DNS is using DoT and as it is clearly explained in my.nextdns.io/setup page for the tls the format is


    Maybe work without tls:// so try: Note20-xxxxxx.dns.nextdns.io

    -xxxxxx is your configuration id

    Identify your devices

    Prepend the name to the provided domain (the name should only contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and -). Use -- for spaces.

    For "John Router", you would use John--Router-xxxxxx.dns.nextdns.io as your DNS-over-TLS endpoint.

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    • losnad Thanks. I was thinking it was DoH. 

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      MIchael Thomas yeah currently DoT only for Private DNS on Android; I believe Google was trying to add DoH in a future version but it looks like it'll be Android 14 at the earliest based on recent AOSP news

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