Programmatically updating Linked IP and capturing device name for logging

How do I add a device name into the URL that programmatically updates the Linked IP?

Using a combination of NextDNS and PrivateInternetAccess VPN with DNS configured to point to the Linked IP servers, it appears that I need to keep my VPN IP address in sync with my NextDNS account.

I created a MacOS/iOS shortcut to let me quickly open the update URL (https://link-ip.nextdns.io/123456/10e113f0188f84c3) to connect my to my profile. While cumbersome this works but I would like to add the device name for logging.

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    • Jeremy_Stonesmith
    • 1 yr ago
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    After further research, I figured out how to do this. I need to create a profile for each device which will give me a different pair of DNS servers to configure in the VPN software on each device.

    I also setup DDNS so each device gets updated automatically without the URL fetch.

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