URL Rewrite including the port?

I have multiple services running on my home server, all on different ports. I was hoping to create a NextDNS URL rewrite so that something like `service.local` would redirect to `` or whatever port it's on. I've tried that exact composition but it is giving me an error -- see the attached screenshot.

Is this possible? And if so, how can I accomplish this?

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  • I don’t think DNS entries can contain port numbers. Your rewrite would have to be just to the IP address. 

    • R P M correct

      • Cain
      • Cain
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      R P M Ah, I guess I didn't draw the line between a DNS entry and the NextDNS URL rewrite lol. Do you know of any other way to make it happen?

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  • Hello,

    you can set overseerr.local to answer without the port and then access your domain typing http(s)://overseerr.local:5055 to access your service. If you don’t want to type port you’ll have to configure your web server to answer to domain overseerr.local on port 80/443 depending if you want to use SSL or not, or you can set up a nginx proxy

  • I have various administrations running on my home server, all on various ports.


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  • Hi, I wanna ask why my rewrite is not working, I want to rewrite the porn site to my own website, is like domain to domain, and clearly this thing doesn't work.

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