Is there a way to force ultralow2 server in iOS

Hi there. Hope y’all are doing great and I apologise if this question has come up over here several times.  I’ve consistently found that my phone and windows laptop usually connects to Ultralow1 which compared to ultralow2 has extremely high ping. Due to this, I changed the dns settings to force ultralow2 for my laptop and found that loading speeds have become faster (not sure if it’s placebo). I’m wondering if there’s a way to force this for iOS as I do notice slowdowns particularly when I’m watching YouTube videos even on WiFi. Thank you.

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  • It might be better to do a https://nextdns.io/diag

  • I just realised, my ISP blocked a few sites 😥

  • Yes, however you will need to edit the .mobileconfig file manually before installing it on your iPhone. I have played with this to reorder servers myself. I have CenturyLink and their IPv6 network uses 6rd so they always add 8-10ms of latency. 

    While you can technically do this you need to know this can break at any time. You are taking a dynamic network (ultralow1) and using it like an anycast network. If your ISP or NextDNS make changes to those dynamic routes it could break your DNS entirely. 

    With that said: 
    1. Generate a new configuration profile with "Bootstrap IPs" enabled and "Sign Configuration Profile" disabled. 
    2. Download and open the .mobileconfig file.
    3. Find the ServerAddresses section and update the "<string>x.x.x.x</string>" lines with the two IPs from your diag. The profile you downloaded will have four of these lines, two IPv4 and two IPv6. Update the IPv4 entries and remove the IPv6 ones. 
    4. Save the profile. 
    5. Install the edited profile on your phone. Use AirDrop if you're on a Mac, or iCloud Drive. 

    Example edit:

    • Taylor I tried it but it stays at ultralow 1 again

    • I found a Taylor solution you will write dns to the beginning. <string></string>




      This way ultralow2 becomes permanent

  • Diag nedir ? 

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