Support for Temporarily Disabling NextDNS

I'm a long time NextDNS user and a huge fan, but have wanted one feature for a very long time. Right now on the iOS and Mac apps you have the option to enable or disable NextDNS support. When I disable it so I can visit a website quickly I almost inevitably end up forgetting to enable it for a few hours, which ends up being a pretty subpar experience.

An idea I had to fix this was to add an option for a 15-minute disable, so when you toggle off NextDNS it will turn back on in 15 minutes. (Or whatever arbitrary time(s) you think most reasonable.)

On macOS this should be pretty easy to do, and if you can't add that on iOS due to background limitations, even a local notification after 15 minutes that NextDNS is disabled would be helpful, so I can go back into the app and turn it on if I haven't turned it back on yet.

Thanks a lot!

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  • That is bad idea... if you feel that the page should be unlisted then contact blocklist owner and place an issue there.

    This way you will help identify false/positive and you will contribute to everyone.

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      Daniel Gołębiowski I agree with what Daniel said. For example I like to block Twitter ads but occasionally I have to visit ads.twitter.com to track a campaign, or I block email trackers but have disable NextDNS to unsubscribe from that same email service. It would be nice to temporarily disable that because I don’t want to forget to re-enable NextDNS when I’m done visiting the service I’m normally happy to block.

    • Daniel Gołębiowski Yeah, thats all you.

    • Joe Then don't forget. Simple as.

  • This would be useful when troubleshooting a blocked 3rd party, but still, theres a big simple NextDNS switch thats On or Off, like a light switch.

    If the NextDNS client is using a config setup, not using the app, then what? Temporary disable NextDNS account setup? Temporary disable by device? Temporary Whitelist?

    Feature creep on a light switch

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