community generated block pool, vote or identify ads

We all value our sacrosanct privacy rights.  We hate the harm caused by third party ads.  We hate the lies of "free" when apps are really malware, and sites are different prevarications. Very few of us will contribute to a public blocklist, and fewer still would maintain a public blocklist.


Think on the OpenDNS model of voting on domains and extend the flavor of NextDNS subscriptions:

A button to submit your blocklist item to a public pool for others to subscribe to themselves.  You stay private. 

Because we don't want false positives or sabotage: Farm the pool to the community for voting and tagging

Because we're smarter than they are: throttle submissions from users submitting non-useful blocklist items, false positives, or too broadly blocked.  Consider the model of the OISD subscription


If one submits a blocklist item that is already covered by a subscription it would be highlighted, or user prompted with this knowledge prior to actual pool submission.  There's no sense in needless work.

Submission process could prompt for a Device Type as there is room to have community generated subscriptions more targeted.

Now imagine harnessing community mind for problematic prevaricator sites.  Once the limit of allow/block is reached each will need grab a local proxy filter like Privoxy or in-browser like uBlock Origin for that Deeper Magic {CS Lewis}.





Extra winning for everyone!


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