AdGuard DNS says they're first... and they're free!

I PAY for NextDNS... where are you guys on DNS-over-QUIC?  Let's push the envelope!

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  • AdGuard now adds

    • Client ID support for DoH, DoT and DoQ

    Triple the releases, half the changes (adguard.com)

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  • I love NextDNS but no one answers here?

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    • Michael Smith I would still not emphasize that you pay for nextdns, I also pay for the account, but 2 euros is more like a donation than a real payment. I think that the developers will do as they find the time and energy. But I also want to see more cool features and updates. :)

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    • Sergey Twersky I only mention that I pay for it because I think it's relevant I'm not a freeloader... as inexpensive as it may be.  ;)

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  • DoQ is in prod BTW.

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    • Olivier Poitrey This is great! Anyway to see this on the cli clients? My mac and linux cli's are still showing TLS/TCP as is my firewall. Thanks!

    • Jason Hawkins next revision of cli will use http/3.

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    • Olivier Poitrey Nice, looking forward to it! I really hate to submit another bug report but my mac cli (1.11.0) seems to be having the same issue as my linux cli the other day. It's not using anycast so I assume it's trying to steer using ultralow but not picking the right PoP and I'm getting routed to iad which is much farther away. It should be hitting the ATL PoP. Not sure why it isn't though. One ping.nextdns.io result is different from another one too.


    • Jason Hawkins please disable nextdns and show the result of https://test.nextdns.io.

    • Olivier Poitrey Will it be by default or do we need to specify?  Any interesting results in your testing??

    • Michael Smith DoH3 is currently only on https://doh3.dns.nextdns.io. When stable enough, it will be by default.

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    • Olivier Poitrey  so… with iOS 15 its just works? 

    • Ruslan Lutfullin I’m on iOS15 and mine is still DOH.  🤔

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