Efficient way to debug why certain websites won't load?

Ok, I have been using NextDNS with Security, some Privacy, Parental Control blocklists/options turned on. And it has been working reasonably well until about 1-2 weeks ago when more websites started to not load or took an unreasonable amount of time to load. The family is not happy and I don't really want to wholesale stop blocking trackers, etc. So what is the best tool/process to figure out what can be whitelisted to get selected websites loaded? I have tried to use the developer console in Chrome which throws exceptions for DNS failures, but that seems a bit clunky. I have tried to scroll the logs (with the Blocked Queries Only toggle) but we generate so much traffic that it seems harder to isolate the offending block (almost all traffic originates from behind my pfsense box and hence is just ID'ed by my ISP provided address). Is there a good tool that I can enter the website URL and it will report all of the resources being utilized (image repos, trackers, etc)? What am I missing here?

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    • aorinano
    • 3 yrs ago
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    For me personally (probably not the best way), I have another fresh profile (a test profile) with a block list identical to the main one and have one device configure to use that profile temporary to access the site that is being blocked, see which domain are being block and from which block list. If it is a minor block list that I don't care I just remove it or just have it in allow list. Wait around five minutes for the cache to clear and access it again, if it work then add the change to the main profile and clear all the test profile log.

    Also, I  have multiple profiles: one relaxing profile with minimal block list that I have my family use and another for personal use which have all the block list I want. This is probably the best way to retain "optimal" internet experience I think.

      • Kis_Nyani
      • 1 yr ago
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      There should be a debug view, where I enter a domain and it should tell me which list is blocking it.

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