Unidentified devices in the web GUI but which one?


in the web GUI I see a huge amount of requests from unidentified devices.


If I look at "all devices", I see only the known once



So how do I figure out what these other devices are?

AFAIK there are no other devices/clients using my NextDNS setup.



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  • That's interesting. At the moment I have two devices showing in that list twice each, it's like there's no de-duplication of device names in the log interface. In the analytics window the devices only appear once.

  • It's probably showing the most used ones, try clearing the logs and see if it's still being used. See if they pop up again, NextDNS keeps the logs for 3 months (by default can be adjusted to less or to not log at all) so it could just be an old device you tested. If you see devices popping up again, I would worry about different things. 

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    • Hey Thanks, good suggestion but it comes back even when clearing the logs. I think what might be happening is that the NextDNS CLI is identifying the same client in different ways - even though they have the same name - and passing a different version of the client ID to the NextDNS servers which then treat them as if they were different clients.

      Why I think this is happening is, for example, I can see one device labelled 'iPhone Fred' in the device list and the same device labelled 'iPhone Fred' but with 'Apple, Inc.' in gray fine print just below. Ditto for other devices.

      I also see 'PC123' and 'PC123' with no visible difference but they still are duplicated in the device list.

      Hope this might be useful to the NextDNS team to improve the product.

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