Filters that have a good balance and doesn't create issues.

In terms of DNS blocklists it's nice to see a lot of domains being blocked since the more Tracking/Ads/Analytics removed the better.

But there is an issue, most filters prioritize blocking over functionality, at some points it creates more issues than it solves.

So I wanted to recommend a few filters that I've tested thoroughly for functionality.

OISD is well known and loved by anyone who wants to setup and forget that it even exists, combined with the stability and other functionality from NextDNS, it's the perfect setup anyone that wants to use NextDNS with their family or in a work environment where many people are using it and don't want issues.

1HostLite is the other filter that I can recommend, it blocks Google Shopping ada by default but other than that, it's the closest to OISD in terms of functionality and blocks a few more domains that from my experience don't break anything. It's a really solid choice and if you combine it with Allow Affiliate Tracking it's more or less the same as OISD with a few more domains being blocked.

Notracking is another great choice. It's also made to not break anything like the above two, and it blocks even more domains and from my experience it didn't hinder or have any issues with my usage so another filter that I can happily recommend.


Overall, I'd say these lists are the best in terms of setup and forget aspects, they require very little maintenance, they have active GitHub or similar pages where false positives are submitted and they don't add domains that are known to cause issues. Everyone has their own choice but I hope this can help people who want to have a good setup that blocks as much as possible while creating as little issues as it can.

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    • Chris.6
    • 1 yr ago
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    These are the lists I've been using for months as well and can second this. I also use Lightswitch05 - Ads & Tracking, which is very well maintained too. I have around 15 pages in my whitelist overall.

      • Hey
      • 1 yr ago
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      Chris Lightswitch is quite good and I've used it as well but it blocks some domains that can cause issues.

      tags.tiqcdn.com is blocked for example. (https://github.com/badmojr/1Hosts/issues/623)

      They might resolve it when reported but from my experience it's not as subtle as the above but still a great choice.

      • Chris.6
      • 1 yr ago
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      Not as subtle as the others sounds about right. From looking at my logs, the example you mentioned is also blocked by notracking though. According to the Lightswitch05 list owner, the decision was made to keep this blocked:

      This is a tricky one, since its blocking legitimate ads (and likely tracking) - but in this case you want the ads. I'll leave the ticket open for a few days while I consider it, but I do believe this host is used in a lot more areas where blocking would be preferred…

      For now I've decided this should remain blocked. Its on a lot of different websites and for the most part blocking does not break anything…

      I'll keep looking at my logs, but after more than a year of using this setup, my allowlist is so small that it seems worth keeping. 

      • Hey
      • 1 yr ago
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      Chris Oh I didn't know about notracking blocking that domain. In general though I had Lightswitch also block email links, they track ofc and the domain is called tracking."example".com.

      I thought notracking didn't block it though and that's why I mentioned the list, probably confused it with another list.

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    • MarkToon
    • 1 yr ago
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    Pretty much spot on for a "set and forget" list, with only occasionally needing to add too Allow/Deny lists.

    Lightswitch05 has been mentioned, but personally find that it breaks a few sites, and causes issues with others. In general it's still a good maintained list, but I wouldn't add it too the OPs list as a set n forget.


    Along with UBO on browsers that support it, your flying.

    • TIBCSI66
    • 3 mths ago
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    I am online from Hungary.

    I use the following lists:


    Hagezi Pro






    NextDNS Ads…

    I'm thinking of adding to this-Adguard DNS


    What do you recommend, what should I use?



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