Best setup for Ad-Blocking ??

After a short research this is what I found so far:


Best DNS level Adblocking: NextDNS / Adguard DNS 2.0


Best system-wide endpoint level Adblocking: AdGuard / Blokada / StopAd


Best browser Adblocking: Brave Browser / uBlock Origin


Best self-hosted Adblocking: Pi-Hole / AdGuard Home




Are there any other recommendations worth checking out?


What do you think is the best combination for blocking advertisements on all levels and devices, including various end devices such as smart TVs and so on.

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  • I'm very satisfied with NextDNS configured on my router for IoT devices, on our Androids (DoH via Nebulo) and iPhones (configuration profile), and on our computers (YogaDNS).   The best filter lists for me are 1Hosts (Pro), Goodbye Ads, Energized Ultimate, notracking and oisd.  I have tweaked my Allow Lists with approximately 50 entries for various exceptions.   I block multiple foreign TLDs, and all Native Tracking options are enabled on each of my NextDNS configurations.  Ads on any devices are extremely rare.  

    I also use Brave Browser and Brave Search on our computers with uBO to do cleanup.   Most of our web browsing is done on our PCs so Brave with uBO provides compatibility and ad blocking to the max.

    NextDNS, when properly configured, provides a very clean, safe and more private Internet experience.  I turn it off occasionally to see just how bad and painful things would be without it.  

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  • Sometimes, the best option for avoiding ads is to subscribe to a paid plan. Youtube Premium is a good example. 

  • I'd like to say that personally I wouldn't use Brave, it's a bloated browser with crypto, meeting etc. Their adblocker is basically custom uBlock from my knowledge. 

    There are versions of Chrome that have all the tracking aspects taken out, I'd say using that with uBlock or preferably Firefox would be a lot better.

    Brave was "accidentally" from their statement, injecting partnered links to sites and also taking money for unclaimed creators.

    Firefox would be the best bet for most as it's directly from the source and it's privacy friendly to an extent where you can use it without making any tweaks other than turning off a few debugging / analytics options in settings.

  • 1Hosts (Pro), Oisd, and No Tracking are working great for me 😉

  • There are tons of opinions on this and you will need to do some trialing and erroring. How much pain do you want to endure? Both in terms of broken sites and complaining users? Etc etc 

    I find the default NextDNS list works well but it does not pass the “set it and forget it” test. I would occasionally hear a howl from people being blocked reading a site or videos that refused to load. 

    I found this page the other day (https://github.com/yokoffing/NextDNS-Config) and have my “set and forget” config tuned based on their Balanced recommendation. The lists I use are 1Hosts Lite and oisd. These provide great blocking with no breakage in almost the last two weeks. Works great for roommates and Apple TVs alike.

    I do have a more locked down config too and there I use the same two, plus I add Lightswitch05 - Ads & Tracking for good measure. If I personally see a block page, it’ll be from this list. 

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