Add "I DON'T CARE ABOUT COOKIES" List to privacy

The "I DON'T CARE ABOUT COOKIES" list blocks all annoying cookie warnings. 

I am surfing a lot of websites every day and those cookie permissions do bother me. What do you think? 

From the website: 

Due to EU regulations and increased awareness of online privacy, every website must get user's permission before installing tracking cookies. If you surf anonymously or if you delete cookies automatically every time you close the browser, websites will ask for that permission again and again, and it will soon become very irritating to click the same I agree buttons every day.


Here is the list link: https://www.i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu/abp/

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  • Doesn't work with DNS nor doesn't make any sense as you got worse privacy instead of the option to block/ deny unwanted Cookies.

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  • This can’t be done at the DNS level.  It’s an application level solution that must be done with the browser or browser extension 

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  • This doesn't work with DNS, needs to happen at the browser level.

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  • A better suggestion would be an explanation of what DNS can and can’t do.   Seems like too many people don’t understand what DNS does 

  • It is quite comical that after leaving Europe we are still governed by EU regulation for these cockies (I didn't support Brexit, but this shows how comical the whole scam is!)

    Also, it is rather annoying to have to give my autograph just to engage in conversations. 

    So, yet another account created to be allowed to speak in this discussion........

    Bloody IT geeks and nerds, so bloody annoying pmsl!

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