NLA Service breaking

We seem to be having an issue where the Windows NLA service gets broken on some devices. When that breaks things like Teams / Office / Outlook all say you are not connected (even though they are). I cannot restart the NLA service it gives an error, but if I remove NextDNS I can. We tried playing with whitelisting the sites in NextDNS that NLA uses but that hasnt seem to resolve anything. 

We also notice that the NLA Service after we install NextDNS seems to have different/odd entries that do not match other non NextDNS devices.  Its been causing a real issue with over 100 devices right now because it's so random.

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  • I believe Microsoft has a technote listing all the hosts that need to be added to the allow list to address this issue 

    • Calvin Hobbes Right, but this doesn't seem to be the issue, because we reset the NLA even though it looks okay and the problem comes back. Win11 seems to be fine, but Win10's do not, we have set the NLA to manual but it will start anyway so its not 100% working still. Rebooting solves it for an hour or two and we already whitelisted all the sites on the NLA list

  • As a follow-up , it seems after a little testing that when deploying using the command line whatever defaults in the .conf file breaks NLA over time. If I use the gui app it creates a 2nd adapter and puts DNS on there and that seems to work okay. Now the gui installer doesn't make a .conf file so not much I can do to test/compare.

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