i bypassed nextdns Block Bypass Methods

I bypassed Block Bypass Methods by next-DNS lol

do you know with what?

a VPN and they are supposed to be blocked lol

so I guess somebody messed up the config for the Block Bypass Methods

anyways ill let you figure out what i did lol


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  • You must be a leet  haxor, lol

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  • I mean it's not like the filters are watertight, Feel proud if you wish but I'd also know a ton of methods to bypass said blocking, but I don't need to since that defeats the whole point of enabling the tons of adblock filter lists in the first place, Why would I use NextDNS if I were gonna bypass it lmao.

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  • I climbed over the stair rail in my house and fell to the floor, lol

    • Calvin Hobbes The sarcasm is strong with this one 😂

  • True, it's far too easy for the little tykes to bypass filters. I view NextDNS as a network forensic toolkit,that allows you to isolate an offending domain easily to protect yourself.

    Congrats for your unique discovery Mohammed.

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