Web3 IPFS support - example usage?

Last year, NextDNS has announced web3 support and IPFS was mentioned as one of the supported protocols. I'm trying to find an example of how the Web3 toggle in the NextDNS settings has anything to do with IPFS. For as far as I know, IPFS URLs usually have this format: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/<CID>. There are several domains that can be used to resolve the CID to the actual content, for example https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/. However, as a DNS service, NextDNS doesn't have access to anything other than the domain name and does not actually resolve the full URL. Hence, I don't understand what NextDNS has to offer in this regard. It sounds to me like all they're doing is unlocking access to Web3 TLDs, some of which might host IPFS domains. If that's all there is to it, I'm not sure why IPFS is mentioned at all, as this is also readily available on the normal web and they're not doing anything special that's directly related to IPFS. Unless I'm missing something and NextDNS is actually offering an IPFS service that I don't know about.

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