Visual Voicemail doesn't work

When using the App or DoH profile on iPhone, Visual voicemail stops working. There aren't any denies in the logs at all. 

To test/confirm, when DoH or app is enabled, if you try and set the Visual Voicemail Passcode or try and set the outgoing greeting it errors. If you also get a voicemail your not notified. 

Cant seem to whitelist as there isn't anything being denied. Tried using the IPV4/6 DNS and it doesn't do the same thing, so its either something with the DoH profile or App that causing it. Anyone else having similar issues?

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    • James.9
    • 4 mths ago
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    yep, exact same problem  took me 3 weeks (with my provider's helpline) to work out why visual voicemail wasn't working.  In the end I discovered it by accident.

    Have had to switch NextDNS off (on my phone).

    • underpants_gnome
    • 4 mths ago
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    Who are your carriers?

    • Josh_Hudson
    • 4 mths ago
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    Mine is EE in the UK. Has anyone tried another DoH profile (not NextDNS) to see if this is more of a iPhone bug than it is NextDNS? 

    I have tried to get the URLs used to exclude but going around in circles with EE. Also not sure that is the problem as nothing at all shows up in the NextDNS logs when trying to access voicemail or set pins or outgoing messages.

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