lowes.com, homedepot.com etc randomly some traffic get directed to Ecuador per NEXTDNS reports

my W11 PC using DoH with yoga dns seem not impacted 

my macos, iphone and android device using same nextDNS profile are especially when using lowes app or going to homedpot.com website in chrome etc

nextdns tell me some traffic iS trying to goto Ecuador , this seem real as I have no routing allowed to this country so stuff just spins(currently country is blacklisted on my side) , does next DNS have server in this country  or what is going on with my DNS?

this appears to be a DNS issue of some sort


current ping results

 anexia-ewr       18 ms  (anycast2, ultralow2)

  zepto-xrs        21 ms  (anycast1)

■ vultr-ewr        21 ms  (ultralow1)

  hetzner-iad      21 ms

  zepto-iad        23 ms

  anexia-mnz       24 ms

  axcelx-bos       25 ms

  smarthost-bos    27 ms

  teraswitch-pit   31 ms

  cloudzy-pit      62 ms

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    Hi I think I figured this out

    but no idea why nextdns  directed these domains to  Ecuador 

    what I learned with this setup blocked domains can cause outages in your dns for your network , not sure if the AI or something else triggers this anyway 

    this api was blocked which walmart and Lowe’s app must use with dot on android the Walmart app will not load if this api is blocked 


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