Android VPN settings to mimic NextDNS Android app? Can't connect to work Wi-Fi using Private DNS.

I accidentally erased the NextDNS app from my Android phone, and the app is no longer available on  the Google Play store. I am not comfortable with the idea of installing an unverified APK file, nor do I want to use any other apps such as Tailscale, Intra or Rethink.


I started using the phone's Private DNS setting, but with it, now I can't connect to my work's Wi-Fi like before. So, I added NextDNS to Chrome as a "custom DNS service provider", just so that I could block phone ads.


Anyway, the NextDNS app functioned by creating a VPN on the phone. Is there to manually configure a VPN, such that it replicates what the NextDNS app did?

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    • R_P_M
    • 3 mths ago
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    Simple answer, nope.

    It’s not a traditional vpn like what the system is wanting/expecting you to input.

    apkmirror and apkpure are reasonably reputable for you to download the NextDNS app last version. Most of the time file sigs match compared to “official” sources (play store).

    • blue_rouge_62
    • 3 wk ago
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    I downloaded the NextDNS app from APKPure, 7 months ago, and have not had any problems with the file. Security scan is clean on my Galaxy Tab S6.

    If G Play doesn't have what I need, I will look, scan, and download elsewhere. 

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