How many queries have I actually used?

It seems that certain sites are not blocking anymore so I'm thinking I am over my 300,000 queries but before I pay for the subscription I want to ensure it is that, that is indeed the issue.

When I go to the ANALYTICS tab it shows 400,00+queries for the last 30 days. However, when I go to my account, it shows only using 150,000+ queries used out of the 300,000. If this is correct then I cannot understand why certain sites are not blocked.

Anyone come across this before? TIA

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  • The Analytics page will tell you how many queries have been made for a given time period, and out of those how many were blocked.  

    It's not difficult to exceed 300,000 in a week if you have a number of devices.  

  • If you look under your account tab, it will tell you 

  • It counts all configurations as well so if you have more than one, then the other(s) could be pushing you over the limit collectively

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