NextDNS really slow today

I noticed pages were super slow to load. I pinged my nextdns address and the average response time is 400ms, normally its 10-12ms.

A leak test shows I'm connected to "United Arab Emirates - Dubai" rather than my normal one in "Ontario Canada" or Quebec Canada.

Is there anything on my end I can do to fix this?

https://ping.nextdns.io/ shows:


 anexia-ewr                16 ms

  zepto-ymq                 19 ms

  anexia-yto                23 ms

  axcelx-bos                26 ms

  teraswitch-pit            29 ms

  vultr-ewr                 31 ms

  smarthost-bos             32 ms

  router-pit                33 ms

  ovh-ymq                   71 ms  (ultralow1)

  vultr-yto                 error

anycast.dns1.nextdns.io error (anycast1)

anycast.dns2.nextdns.io error (anycast2)

dns2.nextdns.io error (ultralow2)

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  • Just tried the ping again and this new result:


     vultr-yto        13 ms

      anexia-ewr       16 ms

      zepto-ymq        19 ms  (ultralow2)

      axcelx-bos       19 ms

      smarthost-bos    25 ms

      anexia-yto       30 ms

      vultr-ewr        30 ms

      router-pit       30 ms

      teraswitch-pit   40 ms

      ovh-ymq          70 ms  (ultralow1)

    ■ anexia-dxb      314 ms  (anycast1, anycast2)

  • My anycast2 is also going to DXB today. My anycast1 is usually zepto-xrs. Anycast2 has never been right but it's usually Frankfurt, which is tolerable. DXB is very slow from the eastern US.

  • Can you please provide a traceroute to or a https://nextdns.io/diag?

  • Should be fixed. Please try again and confirm.

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    • NextDNS Appears to be back to normal for me.  Thanks!

      • Preston
      • Preston
      • 1 mth ago
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      NextDNS I haven't switched back to NextDNS but a quick ping test shows a good response now, 10ms.

      • juliank
      • juliank
      • 1 mth ago
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      Preston then why not switch back :P

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    • NextDNS Looking great for me - anycast2 and anycast1 are both <20 ms now - thank you!

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