Problem with NextDNS resolver today

I'm using the Pro plan but today a lot of domains are either slow or not resolving (they're not blocked accordingly to the logs).

Things like duckduckgo.com

Disabling NextDNS solves the issue (using ISP dns).

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  • Please provide a https://nextdns.io/diag

  • @NextDNS

    (also subscriber)

    I am likewise running into problems where queries on certain domains return failures and take multiple attempts to successfully resolve. Interestingly, in the my.nextdns.io log I can see that the query was permitted, the server just failed to return an answer.

    On my home lan, I use opnsense with unbound configured for dns over tls forwarding to nextdns. Most domains work instantly. It only happens for certain domains, such as zoom and discord, including the domain in the post above for duckduckgo.  And on all devices using nextdns, such as windows, mac, and iphones.

    Even without opnsense- for example, on the iphone with the nextdns app on a mobile network, safari will return "server not found", and it will take multiple attempts for the page to finally load.

    Lan: https://nextdns.io/diag/35cce490-d718-11ec-b229-05f9519eeb77

    Example output from a nslookup on my home lan:

    PS C:\Users\user\Downloads> nslookup zoom.us
    Server:  opnsense

    *** opnsense can't find zoom.us: Server failed

    And I try again only a few seconds later:

    PS C:\Users\user\> nslookup zoom.us
    Server:  opnsense

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: zoom.us

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