too many requests in log

In the query log are too many requests, I can not find out why.

For example this domain "www.txxxxxxxxxxx.org" ist called multiple times and if called, multiple times a second. Each x can be replaced with a possible random number.

In addition, for example, the request "detectportal.firefox.com" appears in the log several times per second.

When I compare the log to my local DNS, there is no such problem. So detectportal is always queried only once and the queries with www.t*.org do not exist at all.


The device is an android 7 phone, the DNS is added over DOT. Does anyone have an idea why?

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  • Are you using personalDNSfilter? You see these t*.org requests using pDNSf as they are for testing the DNS speed. There doesn’t seem to be any way to disable the testing and it only happens as it’s starting up.

    Sorry, don’t know about the Firefox issue. I’ve mostly moved away from using Firefox. 

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      • Karo
      • Karo
      • 2 mths ago
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      R P M yes, i configured the DNS in personalDNSfilter. The queries are therefore only at the selected external DNS servers?

      This test cannot be turned off in pDNSf?

      • R P M
      • R_P_M
      • 2 mths ago
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      Karo Yes on both. It’s something you have to accept when using pDNSf, unfortunately. 

  • your local dns may be queried once, but to satisfy that single query it may ask upstream multiple times because of TTL... I would enable Cache Boost in nextDNS's settings if not already or let us know if not already enabled... just having 2 different entry's in DNS may mean you ask twice.... it depends, some systems spin parallel process and ask twice or more.

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  • but actually is "www.t##############.org" you mention the same or is every query different? if they were repeated www.t12341234234443.org" twenty times the same then that could be nextdns if not your local dns setup but if it was www.t12341234234443.org www.t13453453523443.org www.t19342282343.org each individually random then you only.... and you have some malware (check malwarebytes.org or a secondary antivirus provider)

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