Setup NextDNS with eero Pro 6

New subscriber here.  I followed the instructions on the setup page under "Router" (IPv4 with Linked IP) and punched in the info in my eero app under Custom DNS.  I added the info under IPv6 as well, even though the NextDNS page says, "Your network does not support IPv6".  It seemed to accept the info, though I can't tell one way or another if it's doing anything.

Where I'm confused is, nowhere do I enter my ID number so how does it know to use my account configuration?  I'm trying to use NextDNS to filter out pornographic manga websites (I have many young children in the home) and as I test out sites that I've added to my DenyList, they don't seem to be blocking properly.  


What am I missing?  Thanks!

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    Make sure your IP address is linked to your configuration profile.
    If correctly linked and still not working, then you will need to use different connection options to use NextDNS. 

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