MULTIPLE IP's per profile

We're using Gateways to do DNS forwarding for entire org.  Gateways are pointed at NextDNS.

However each gateway has multiple public IP's, for failover / etc.  Device vendor doesn't support DNS encryption or specifying which DNS server to use per gateway address.   Our gateways may send a DNS request via ISP1, and then route some traffic via ISP2.  This is good for response, but NextDNS analytics doesn't work right this way.  

I like NextDNS, but without Analytics it's value is diminished.


Can we get a feature allowing more than 1 IP public address per profile?

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    • Joseph_decker
    • 10 mths ago
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    Um. This sounds like a good feature for corporations but would play hell with trying to secure a device, especially if these arent static, anyone could add whatever ip…. Doesnt sound even slightly secure.

      • Jason_C
      • 10 mths ago
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      yes it would need to be worked out. 

      IE: applicable to businesses with multiple static IP's.  x$ extra per IP address would be fine with us, and more $ for NextDns as well.

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