Allow custom device name in NextDNS for iOS

As an iPhone and iPad user, I would like to set a custom device name so that (1) different iPhones and iPads can be distinguished in Logs, and (2) I can easily temporarily disable and enable NextDNS on my devices.

Currently, each such device is logged with a non-specific name (iPhone/iPad) due to a fingerprint protection feature Apple introduced in iOS 16 about 21 months ago.

While it is possible to work around this issue by using individual configuration profiles on each of these devices, this manual workaround is tedious and error-prone. In addition, there is currently no way to temporarily disable these profiles, at least that I know of. To temporarily disable NextDNS, the profile must first be deleted, then regenerated and reinstalled.

Allowing users to specify a custom device name would greatly simplify this process.

Although this feature was mentioned about two years ago, it has not yet been implemented.



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