Disincentivize Use Through Artificial Delays

We can already block websites and we can block them for limited hours using the parental controls. However, fully blocking a website is a pretty big limitation. Outside of malicious hosts I am mostly looking to cut down my use of a particular domain (Twitter. It's twitter for me).

This short article by Howon Lee suggests a technique for cutting down use: introducing extra latency. The article suggests a patchwork of methods that involve extensions on particular browsers, enabling developer mode on devices, etc. But NextDNS has the capacity to offer this transparently and with customization.

In addition to blocking a website (which is annoying if you do end up needing to access it for some reason) please add the ability to add artificial latency to requests to particular hosts. Let us make the experience of using certain websites worse. Ideally this would come with a schedule as well (1000ms delay during work hours, 100ms after hours) - but any feature in this area would be nice.



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