They were designed to avoid false positive domains as much as possible and not to block any needed features. Dead hosts are regularly removed from the lists to keep them as small as possible. 



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  • Thanks for the idea to integrate my blocklists into NextDNS. That would be great @nextdns!

    My recommendation would be to include the Pro and Pro+ versions as well.

    Thanks and greetings,
    Gerd - https://github.com/hagezi/dns-blocklists

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  • I am a real fan of the Pro++ List.  It blocks everything blockable without restricting functions. For those who don't want whitelist orgies while still using aggressive lists, it's perfect. The list is constantly maintained and is the only one I currently use with Pi-hole since months.

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      • Samydp
      • Samydp
      • 1 mth ago
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      You are absolutely right! The list is the only reason why I still have pihole at home and not nextdns.

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  • @nextdns
    Added the following pull request to the github repositories:




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  • NextDNS should add all of Hagezi's lists, they would be so nice to have. Make it happen, please.

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  • Please add all of them.

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  • Amazing lists. They'd make a fine addition to the current options.

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  • These should be added and the energized crap removed

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  • @nextdns any idea if the pull requests on github will be approved? Really need these lists now that energized has gone berzerk

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    • Jörgen
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    • Jorgen_A
    • 6 days ago
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    This should be a "low hanging fruit" that would make NextDNS even better.
    I vote for adding all the block-lists and let users choose what level of blocking they want.
    Like Nike says: "Just Do It".

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  • Please add all of the Hagezi Blocklists to NextDNS. I am using these blocklists from a very long time and these are working awesome.

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  • I want to use this list in NextDNS. please add

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