Is NextDNS compatible working with iCloud private relay?

Hi, I would like to ask if NextDNS can work with iCloud Private Relay? I just upgraded to iOS 15.4 from iOS 14.8.1 a few days ago and it seems like NextDNS don’t work with iCloud Private Relay because I keep getting this error whenever I try to go to any website:

Safari cannot open the page because it
could not establish a secure connection to
the server.

Anybody know if I did anything wrong or…? Thanks 

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  • Some people on here might have more knowledge than me but my experience shows iCloud Private Relay would conflict with NextDNS. Also I would see in the WiFi DNS manual settings it would say DNS is handled by Private Relay, not my personalized NextDNS. Someone on here in another thread said he could see when both Private Relay and NextDNS were running together there was 2 lookups in his logs showing clearly so it’s like 2 DNS services we’re doing it instead of just 1, NextDNS. 
    Disabling Private Relay I would think (mine is currently this) showing the green dot that it’s connected to NextDNS. 
    Private Relay sometimes for me would not open pages and in the Apple Beta information it describes this issue might happen. 
    I’m constantly changing things and tinkering with settings though so im not wholly on NextDNS while doing some things. It is solid though, meaning NextDNS. Wish you well. 

  • I meant to add, turning off iCloud Private Relay might get you running again 

      • Ivan
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      • 10 mths ago
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      Jason-Matthew thanks for your response. Yes if I turn Private Relay off, NextDNS will work and I can access websites


      I tried to use the Apple Configuration Profile Generator at apple.nextdns.io and was also unsuccessful in accessing any websites


      I then tried to use both the IPv6 and IPv4 addresses separately provided in the setup page in WiFi’s DNS server when on my home’s WiFi network but unfortunately it seems to have no effect as the DNS server still seems to be Apple’s iCloud Private Relay’s servers…

  • New user here, but I am running nextDNS along with Apple private relay with IOS and not having any issues. The logs show blocking happening and an extended DNS leak test shows the nextDNS servers. The nextDNS configuration light is green. I like this combination because I get the benefits of both IP masking and tracker blocking without the overhead of a VPN. Am I missing something?

    • Steven Miller Apple says the IP is hidden but this isn't true. You can check for your IP on any website IP check and they will reveal your real IP. 


      And even by using a VPN Apple leaks your IP. 


      Don't fool yourself Apple privacy is a smoke screen. 


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    • Pierre Cartier "Apple says the IP is hidden but this isn't true. You can check for your IP on any website IP check and they will reveal your real IP. "

      Absolutely untrue, at least for me but you are claiming that Apple has the entire world fooled on this?

      "by using a VPN Apple leaks your IP. "

      I believe Apple says clearly that Private Relay only protects Safari browsing, nothing else.

      "Don't fool yourself Apple privacy is a smoke screen. "

      Meaning what. I believe the consensus is that it is an easily-used improvement for the average user. Those in need of the highest level of security clearly would look elsewhere.

    • Steven Miller I gave you links from cybersecurity researchers with tangible facts, because I am not one of them and I think they know better than me. But if you know better than them what can I say?

      And yes Apple fooled many people and authorities on many topics (privacy, ads, repairs, user security and tracking...), like other GAFAM. That's also why they have now many legal issues to deal with. 

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    • Pierre Cartier Your statement was :

      "Apple says the IP is hidden but this isn't true. You can check for your IP on any website IP check and they will reveal your real IP. "

      This is not some obscure technically sophisticated claim but rather the most easily verified fact that anybody with the most basic capabilities can do for themselves. So, once again, are you claiming that Private Relay does not mask IP addresses and based on simple website IP checks?  If Apple has fooled the entire world on this, it would be a most astounding act of deception.

      It seems you have some axe to grind with Apple because this claim is absurd, sorry. That said, nobody is claiming that PR is as good as a proper VPN so that is a strawman argument.

    • Steven Miller The fanboy talking who doesn't know or doesn't want to know, he knows better. Unfortunately you don't want to inform yourself and just trust blindly what you have been told even when serious people (researchers) can show you a tangible truth. Private Relay leaks users information, period. 

      Just another  mundane experience: 

      "If Amazon.com can determine one’s real IP Address that’s a SIMPLE PROOF that Private Relay CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO WORK on ANY website, especially Amazon and Google (two of the “biggies”)."


    • Pierre Cartier "The fanboy "

      Yes, now come the personal insults. Could you possibly be more stereotypical of social media types?

      " Unfortunately you don't want to inform yourself and just trust blindly what you have been told even when serious people (researchers) can show you a tangible truth."

      So one guy on a forum, with no public credentials as a security researcher, posts his unverified experience. And that's your evidence of a "tangible truth." If so, there should be dozens and dozens of similar reports from trusted reviewers and websites. So, where are they or is a single such report enough to invalidate the entire technology? And if Apple is behind this conspiracy is Cloudflare in on the act:?


      If I am a fanboy because I work with reliable sources, what does that make you? I am sure more ad hominem attacks to follow right? You get one free one then a block.

      • Michael S
      • Michael_Smith
      • 3 wk ago
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      Pierre Cartier you’re confusing the Amazon app with Safari.  The IP protection is only for Safari and mail.  This might help clear it up, lit does indeed work very well even with Amazon.


    • Michael S Thanks for the response but it sad you didn't take the time to read the person's post before answering.

      "I logged into Amazon.com today using Safari with Private Relay turned ON over a cellular"

      No confusion here mate. 

    • Steven Miller 

      1. I am a full Apple user with up to $9K devices at home. FYI I also have all Blue Notes collection. So you can also call me an Apple Fan and even a jazz addict/fan. So maybe you should open a dictionary to review what fan means cause it is far from being an insult. 

      2. About the sources I gave you, you unfortunately just picked the one that suits your arguments, selective mind and pretty hypocrite of you.

      You are just in bad faith and that will be my last. Enjoy Private Relay. 

  • When I use NextDNS on my Mac and iPhone with the Private Relay on the DNS lookup shows Cloudflare DNS, instead of NextDNS. So I assume it's not working when both are on.

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