Australian NextDNS servers overview 31/5/2024

Capital city Host Server IPv4 IPv6
Melbourne GSL gsl-mel-1.edge.nextdns.io  
Melbourne VULTR vultr-mel-1.edge.nextdns.io 2401:c080:2000:1623:5400:3ff:fef3:6de4
Adelaide ZETTA zetta-adl-1.edge.nextdns.io  
Sydney GSL gsl-syd-1.edge.nextdns.io 2401:3bc0:b:2::2
Sydney VULTR vultr-syd-1.edge.nextdns.io 2001:19f0:5801:145d:5400:2ff:fec8:7a17
Sydney ZETTA zetta-syd-1.edge.nextdns.io 2403:3400:2020:792:50:5601::38
Brisbane ZETTA zetta-bne-1.edge.nextdns.io  
Brisbane ANEXIA anexia-bne-1.edge.nextdns.io 2a00:11c0:94:8::1
Perth ZETTA zetta-per-1.edge.nextdns.io 2403:3400:6020:792:50:5601:1:57
Perth ANEXIA anexia-per-1.edge.nextdns.io 2a00:11c0:95:8::1

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    • Agi_Ga
    • 1 mth ago
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    Nice - what service do you use, to show the result on the map?

    • entrepreneur, academic educator
    • Erwin
    • 2 wk ago
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    @olivier @nextdns is there any movement to add IPv6 addresses to the open/orange PoP's in Australia? I just ran another https://nextdns.io/diag/3a12ba70-32b5-11ef-a4e9-173eead4cfe6
    Strangely our network system seem to mostly use NextDNS' IPv4 server addresses and IPv4 traffic, where it should do IPv6 as well.

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