Improve analytics as USP

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there are several products for blocking web stuff based on list. It seems that those list are often based on the effort of individuals or small groups. There are many and big community lists.

For reasons of efficiency i like to have few and small list (black, grey, white) that fit personal needs. To get those i usually start with blocking and whitelisting to extract things i want to block. In case of central blocking systems this approach gets hard and you need some kind of advanced analytics.

So why is nextdns.io not trying to have an unique selling point with analytics for the community?

For example you could provide an (second) advanced search for query protocols so i can start to sort out things that are okay for me and find new domains that i want to block. All i need is operators like NOT and AND.

The added value for your company would be a new source and type of block lists. When 20 user create a deny list with the same domain on it this could be a new and cool community block list.

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