Identify devices when using NextDNS on router?

I'm using NextDNS on my Google Wifi router to protect my family and all our devices. I set it up by using the DNS Servers listed in NextDNS and entered them into the Google Wifi app. We are set with that.

How can I identify my devices (Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, phones, etc)? Or is it not possible if I'm using NextDNS on my router? 

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  • The CLI can be used on a router or a server on the LAN to identify devices. It is not compatible with the Google Wifi router, but you can install it on the side, using a RPI or any always on system compatible with the CLI on your LAN.

  • The only way you can identify devices is by either installing the app on that device, or manually configuring DNS-over-HTTPS.

    If you go to https://my.nextdns.io/ just follow the setup instructions on that page.

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  • I cannot figure out how to identify my computer. I've got nextdns working fine using my android tablet and phone. My Windows machine failed but I've replaced it. So, this time instead of using either app, I simply entered the appropriate DNS server addresses. How do I now label the activity of this computer separate from the two android devices?

    • Steven Shank with just DNS IPs like that, you can't.

    • Olivier Poitrey Thanks for the quick reply. I think I'll leave it this way. NextDNS offers so much I really want to use it on my Windows machine as well as my mobile devices, but using either of the two available apps, somehow, Windows (after an update), managed to screw up Internet access. It wasn't your DNS servers as my mobile devices continued to work on WiFi via my router. By just using DNS, which is very easy, I'm hoping to not experience any issues with this new machine.

      The Windows issue persisted after I "turned off" NextDNS with the app.

      It had worked perfectly for 3 months or so, so not sure what happened.

    • Steven Shank if you want device identification while configured on router, you can use our CLI: https://nextdns.io/cli

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