How to use NextDNS with Adguard on Windows ?

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if it is possible.?



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    • James_Utting
    • 1 yr ago
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    I have only used the mac app, but I am assuming the capabilities of both apps are quite similar.

    Open your windows Adguard app and go the DNS settings, you should be able to add a "Custom" DNS server. Simply enter the NextDNS server details and Adguard should connect to the NextDNS servers.

    You can also check the NextDNS setup advice provided on your "My Configuration" at https://my.nextdns.io and go to "Setup" and yu should find further advice to help you.

      • Anthony_terady
      • 1 yr ago
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      James Utting thanks, but if I understand it is not necessary. NextDNS is enough running ?

      • James_Utting
      • 1 yr ago
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      Anthony T. (sypqys) NO, in my opinion NextDNS is not enough.

      DNS server blocking is a blunt edged tool, the block lists help to keep you away from bad websites and domains and that is a good first step.

      However NextDNS can not perform cosmetic filtering of webpages and other features that are used by adblockers to defeat ads and effectively remove them.

      Adguard app for mac performs on a system wide level, blocking ads in browsers and various apps which connect to the internet and it will not be affected the changes to Chrome via Manifest V3 will have detrimental impact on the functionality of adblockers and other browser extensions.

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