Security API's

You should add the virustotal and urlvoid API to your systems, it is very useful for keeping viruses from our devices to, maybe, even your own servers.

urlvoid.com; apivoid.com/api/url-reputation/

virustotal.com; developers.virustotal.com/reference#public-vs-premium-api

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    I'm not anyone knowledgeable just a user but the idea seems nice only downside is that adding this would most probably increase lookup latency so decreasing overall speed. If let's say the results are cached so once a url is looked up it doesn't have to for an x amount of time even then the usual filter list would most probably have it added by then. There is the NRD option I know I say this a lot but it blocks Newly Registered Domains for 30 days (Most malware come from newly registered sites this tends to happen with ransomware their control servers and generally malicious sites.) that's plenty for all the filters to block them anyway so adding something that might help once in a few hundred thousand queries with the right setup. I'm talking about a chance of a legit website turning bad and Virus Total blacklisting it before any filters. Is it worth the amount of work, and possible issues that's upto them to decide I guess. 

    Personally I wouldn't do it myself, risking possible issues an downtime for a tiny bit of extra security.

    Also I'm not saying the idea is bad it's just implementing it on an extremely time dependent thing such as DNS doesn't really work but again in my opinion I don't know too much. 

    • Maybe your right, but adding it as an option for paranoid-for-security users maybe the best, I mean, if users don’t give crap about speed, it should work, and your devices won’t get heated up and don’t have to manually check the url via urlvoid and virustotal, it’s only very useful when it comes to fast fluxing host names which constantly changes ip to migitate being     
      blocked and some urls that don’t get caught,ending up leaving nrd and probably other filters, I mean, it’s a nice concept, just that they need to know how to implement it to reduce server load and to get similar dns lookup speeds

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      Siam Mehedi Yeah if the impact is minimized it could be nice. Let's see where this goes.

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