How to make NextDNS even better... My top 5 list.

This is just a friendly post how I think NextDNS can be even better in the future. I have used NextDNS since early betas, but now it has grown to a global service with paying customers that demands more and some things have not kept up with the fast growth.

I think most really would appreciate these five things:

  1. A better way to get support other than a discussion-forum. Posting full diagnostic-logs in a public forum is also not great for privacy. I liked the chat-function earlier where I always would get a personal answer within a few hours. DNS is such an important piece for a good Internet experience and especially with Premium/Business users that needs better/faster professional support.
  2. A roadmap what's upcoming. Now we can read hints in threads, but then weeks/months/quarters passes without any updates. Everything from new planned PoP's to new features and gui-improvements. Seems there is a lot of "will" but silence makes people frustrated and the feeling nothing happens.
  3. A dashboard with planned maintenance and current operation (map/dashboard showing servers online/offline, active/used PoP's, latency, operational disturbances etc.). Also a Twitter-feed with operation/status-notifications would be really nice.
  4. The CLI should be the flagship, but feels a bit lagging in development (log not working "Error: exit status 1", not selecting the best Ultralow-PoP, redundancy/switch-over not working if one PoP is going down, are some config-settings obsolete like using 'hardened privacy servers'?)
  5. Blocking-lists should be more actively maintained, adding new sources, remove old ones that never updates etc. Also more info/details about each feature under the "Security-tab", like what's the sources of 'Threat Intelligence Feeds" etc.

Is NextDNS still only driven and developed by two persons globally to handle everything from 24/7 operation, infrastructure, support, coding/development (server/clients) and the business?!

Keep up the good work!! 🙂👍

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  • I want better support. I posted the problem for 9 days, but no one has responded.

     After the annual plan expires I wouldn't renew if the support wasn't good enough.

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      • juliank
      • juliank
      • 1 mth ago
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      LagSeeN they only want money,

  • I agree with all points listed 100%

    Considering this is a PREMIUM DNS sub, its lacking in quite a few surprising areas....the above would go some way into improving this.

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  • I hope that NextDNS will be bought by a company that want to make their SASE offering more complete and allow it also to add more resources to it and allow it to grow it even faster!

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  • You can get some info on the TI feeds here: https://github.com/nextdns/metadata/tree/master/security

    It sounds like all of the feeds they use are in their metadata repo: https://github.com/nextdns/metadata

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  • I'll also add a log viewer app for mobile. Would be nice 

    • zer0 i'm highly against apps for such already available stuff.

      Just use logs feature on your account.

      • zer0
      • zer0
      • 3 wk ago
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      DynamicNotSlow it's not already available. the idea is to have one app to view logs of all the configurations in once place instead of opening a browser on phone 

    • zer0 the feature is the same in the end.

      Why spending time for this as app for none reason? Apps are also need maintainer and are attack surface.

  • Now you will need to learn ignoring endurance discipline, because prediction is that nothing will happen in months or years. Sadly 😭

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