Dns cache flush, instant updates when adding or removing block lists

There needs to be a realtime dns cache flush (or even a reset button) (button) and/or INSTANT updates when adding or removing blocklists.  The current system seems to take 30min to over an hour to update when removing blocklists, making debugging absolutely impossible. (Especially when adding more than one list at a time, or GUESSING which list is causing a problem).  It's a real shitshow and needs to be fixed to be realtime immediately or the feature is useless.

I'm guessing I'll get no useful response to this.

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    When you add/delete or change filters it updates basically instantly, it's the DNS cache of devices that causes the 30-1 hour thing you're talking about.

    If you use HaGeZi or OISD you won't need to use many filters nor bother with whitelisting anything in the first place so that would make it a lot easier to manage your devices.

    But if you like blocking more and are okay with the issues, you can always flush the DNS, on mobile putting your phone in Airplane mode and back does the trick, on Windows you can type a command etc, but in terms of the NextDNS backend it's virtually instantly, if I'm messing around, I enter a domain to whitelist/blacklist and simply turn off/on my Wifi and that works on Android while my mobile data is turned off.

    To summarize, it's a device thing and it's done to save battery and make the entire browsing experience a bit faster as when a domain is locally cached you don't need to query it.

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