Better Log management

One of things that would be a huge improvement is improving the logs. Specifically: 

  1. Allow editing of device names.
    1. Device names don't come across well enough through auto discovery. For example, I have a mac with ethernet and Wi-Fi. Both have the same name in the logs. 
    2. Device names are often cryptic hashes because discovery fails.
    3. The same device sometimes appears with a different name. 
  2. Allow merging of devices in logs. Because of the issues listed above, it is difficult to use the logs to review a device or user. 
  3. It would be nice to be able to group devices (e.g. by user) to see what their activity looked like. 

These two enhancements would allow users to radically improve the quality of the log data. Pi-Hole can definitely do the first and doesn't have the second problem because it just uses mac address. Having used Pi-Hole for a while I was surprised that this isn't already possible. 

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