VAT in Invoices


How can i add the VAT to the invoices?

This is needed in EU  - and probably, looking for a quick search here, its something that NextDNS should address, since otherwise could be illegal. 


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  • After subscribing to a Business plan, you can fill your business information (including VAT number) in https://my.nextdns.io/account, and it will show on the invoices.

    • NextDNS 
      But the law demand that not only to businesses. Individual also have the right to request invoices with VAT...

    • NextDNS Also, to provide support, this is the law in Portugal.

      Can apply to other countries too.

    • Pedro Fernandes Do services like Netflix and others let you to add your own (personal) VAT number on invoices?

    • NextDNS If i request it as a individual, yes, they provide. (and yes, i have done that)

    • Pedro Fernandes Also, Netflix provide invoices from Amsterdam, Netherlands, that is located Inside of the UE. Have different rules, but yes, they provide if requested.

      Nextdns provides the invoices from the USA. and it should provide invoices with the VAT if requested.

    • Pedro Fernandes Do most services have a self-serve way to do this or do you talk to their support each time for each invoice for them to manually do that for you? Do the “new” invoices appear in the interface or do they manually send you a custom pdf invoice?

      Could you also share why this is a requirement for you as a individual? Why do you need this?

    • NextDNS If i make the order as a individual user, the company is not "forced" to provide the invoice with the VAT number in it. So it can, indeed, provide the invoice without that as default.

      But, as the image before sent, if the user request the invoice with the VAT (no matter if is a business or not), the company must provide it. This is the law in Portugal, and is applicable also in many other UE countries - since your company is providing services in any country, without restrictions, it should follow the rules from every one of them - lucky they are almost the same in every coutry.

      It doesn't need to be "as default" to every invoice (unless is a company, that is what i think you're referring to in the previous answer, to fill the "Vat number" in my account).

      But if the user request it (as a individual user), the company should provide. 

      And i am requesting this because here in Portugal there is a classification of "Empresário em Nome Individual" (or ENI), that i think translates similar to "sole proprietorship" in the USA. Those are individuals that are classified as "business" but not one company itself, that need the invoices with the VAT number for Tax purposes. Is like being classified as "individual user", but have tax regulations to follow.

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    • Pedro Fernandes Sole proprietorships are businesses, just not incorporated. But we are (for now) totally fine letting independents and other single-individual businesses using the Pro plan (which is intended for personal/family use only).

      We will be adding the ability to add a VAT (or equivalent) number easily on an invoice at some point though, no matter the plan, as we have no intention to manually issue those invoices. Happy to refund you if that's a blocker in your case.

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    • NextDNS "Sole proprietorships" (per USA explanation) is not the same as in EU. There are different rules - despite being very similar in the basics.

      This is not a "deal breaker" for me, and as individual, i can use the plan without a VAT - and i want support your project too.

      My topic was just to let know to avoid possible issues in the future, since the current way of not providing any VAT for individuals are not completely correct under the EU law - depending of the country.

      Is good to know your team response too 🙂

      But maybe something to look into further. 😉

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  • I live in the EU and have never heard of this, but more info can be found here:


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