Get NextDNS to start when my, never before connected, new Windows 11 Laptop connects for the first time.

To whom it may concern,

Purpose: Giving my new laptop better Security and Privacy from the start

Goal: Want NextDNS to start on first connection to Internet to a never used predefined profile through ProtonVPN.


  1. My Tech Proficiency: moderate to high
  2. I can access windows normal UI because I have been through setup without connecting to a network
  3. Laptop has never connected to any network
  4. I am a new user to NextDNS but I have an account and practiced by going through a tutorial for setting up a new account
  5. I have installed ProtonVPN before connecting to any network using a USB

Please help with any any tips, trips or traps or steps I must do or skip that you might anticipate...

Or point me to resource(s) where I may find the answers.

I have USB drive ready for installing any apps necessary

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    • Martheen
    • 9 mths ago
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    Set it up through the native Windows 11 DoH support. I'm not sure how ProtonVPN would handle those though. With standard OpenVPN and WireGuard clients, the Windows 11 DoH config takes precedence over the VPN-configured DNS.

      • George_Ralph
      • 9 mths ago
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      Thanks... I will try that but want to do a little more research first.  Will get back to you and to whom else it may concern.

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