Yandex Safe Browsing for security

Hey NextDNS! Explore the possibility to add Yandex Safe Browsing support to the Security section. This is a service similar to what you already have from Google, but in my experience it sometimes detects phishing and other dangerous sites that Google doesn't know. You can read about the API here: https://yandex.com/dev/safebrowsing/

As I understand it, this is free and can significantly increase the security capabilities of NextDNS.

By the way, there are still interesting options to look for the opportunity to use the API from Tencent, which Apple uses for Safari instead of Google Safe Browsing in China, but I could not find information about it. From paid services, the Forcepoint URL Filtering service offers very cool features.

Another interesting idea for the future is to add support for blocking dangerous IP from lists from google, yandex and other aggregators to your official application using the windows filtering platform. Then NextDNS will become a real firewall. :)

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  • Does Apple use Yandex Safe Browsing in Russia instead of Google Safe Browsing?

    • Romain Cointepas I didn't write that! Most probably not. There are no such heavy laws in Russia yet. But Yandex api uses AdGuard in their products from what I know. :) I just think that more local aggregators can increase the speed of NextDNS response to new threats. Therefore, you can use both Google and Yandex together.

  • yandex isnt safe, its slow and they run adware that infects browsers to redirect your dns. Its russian. 

    Why would one want that? I block all .ru 

    • Pete Look from the other side. Yandex is well aware of the threats that arise and spread from Russia, as they operate in the russian market. Also, using their API will not reveal your data in any way, just as using Google SB from NextDNS does not transfer your data to Google. I also have 90% of Yandex services blocked in my NextDNS personal profile, but their API can be useful for blocking reactions to local threats. Likewise, Tencent's API could increase the speed of response to Asian threats.

  • In my opinion, it is worth investigating the benefits of using the Yandex Safe Browsing blocklist.  I hope the below information will be helpful.

    "They compiled all this information into a service they called “Google Safe Browsing“. Not long after, the Russian search giant Yandex built their own Safe Browsing database, using basically the same process as Google."

    2) Yandex Warns About Infected Websites (January 2013)
    "Antivirus technology
    To detect malware, Yandex relies on two technologies: the Sophos antivirus software and the company’s own proprietary antivirus technology.
    - The Sophos antivirus software, based on a signature approach, uses predominately the database of already known virus signatures to identify the existing codes as malicious
    - The Yandex antivirus technology, on the other hand, is based on an alternative, “behavioral” approach.
    As of January 2013, the number of infected pages in Yandex’s antivirus database exceeded 5 million."

    3) A Privacy Analysis of Google and Yandex Safe Browsing (February 2015)

    4) Client to use Google's and Yandex Safe Browsing API (v4)

    5) Safe Browsing. Quick setup

    6) Yandex Safe Browsing Integration Package

    7) Site status check

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