Can I use NextDNS CLI without DoH?

Is there a way to configure NextDNS CLI to not use encrypted DNS-queries if I prefer speed and don't want to use DoH?

My tests with DNSBench shows unencrypted DNS-queries takes 3-5 ms but with DoH and it's overhead it takes 35-40 ms for each DNS-query, so almost 10 times slower.

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  • DoH shouldn’t add much overhead, certainly not in this magnitude. What hardware are you using for running the CLI?

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      • 9 mths ago
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      Olivier Poitrey It's a new ASUS AX86U so performance shouldn't be a problem. I tried another tool (DNSQuerySniffer) and the numbers looked a bit better. Maybe it's a bottleneck when pushing lots of DNS-queries using DNSBench?!

      Anyway... I guess it's not possible to turn off DoH in the CLI today. 😉

    • Jörgen A no it’s not, and there is no real latency benefit doing so, except if your connection has a lot of packet loss.

  • Actually adding 'forwarder,' to your NextDNS CLI configuration tells the client to forward all queries to the NextDNS servers unencrypted.

    I am not sure why you would want to that though. 

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