I wanted to ask this weird yet ingenious question

This is directed towards the devs, any chance of making a endless dns query where it never stops loading. Where the www.somewwbsite.com took too long to respond can also be mitigated where it just loads forever. I have an idea for this if it's possible.

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  • If this was possible it would solve the only issue I have, so if possible please let me know. 

    • Jake Bardino it’s not, I’m not sure to understand the use case.

    • Olivier Poitrey websites like



      Have this weird anti adblocking technique where they can be mitigated to a point but can't be completely bypassed. If you block doubleclick.com one will give adblock detection error other won't play the videos asking the user to turn off the adblocker. I managed to stall them and that way it's possible to bypass both ish for sbs.com.au it's a perfect bypass the adblock detection isn't tripped the website is happy tries to play an ad for a second or two can't do it starts the video but on the freemagazines site the second the empty error box where the Google ad should be appears the adblock detection is tripped. It's extremely annoying and I have seen multiples examples on Ublock and Adguard detection reports using this mechanism. I really hoped there was a way to endlessly stall the request where the website goes yup still trying to load it's not blocked.

    • This is done through normal google ads with a script in the website, it's nothing super special but it's effective since now they can detect the blank error page. 

    • To explain a bit further, as long as the error page doesn't show up on the website and its just blank while trying to load the website doesn't care. That's why stalling the request works on some but if the user is on the website for a few more seconds the error pages show and the anti adblock popup is present. That's why if there was a way to endlessly repeat the cycle of, oh it's this IP wait for it to load, nope wrong it's this one, nope it was this all along would be extremely useful always changing the server and the browser constantly trying to load the ads. 

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