Where to make a GDPR data deletion request?

Seeing as my previous post was ignored and I'm apparently unable to request access to my account back if silence is anything to go by, where does one make a request to delete all the data linked to an account?


I'm able to provide data about how the configuration in that account was set up, the devices that connected to it and even contact by email using the account linked to the NextDNS one if needed to prove ownership.


There's just nowhwere I've been able to find a way to make direct contact with the owners of the service aside from this forum.

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  • You can download you logs in the settings tab. If you delete your account (same tab), all data linked to your email are deleted.

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    • chirag singhal it is removed immediately. Your analytics is only for you and only based on logs stored if any. When you decide to remove your account or disable your logs, they are removed and lost forever. We don't have per user or configuration analytics on our side, just global general service health data points free of any personal information.

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    • chirag singhal we do not share data with third party. We updated our privacy policy more than a year ago to add details about the data processors we use. Note that this is not an obligation but we want to be as transparent as possible.

      You can delete your help.nextdns.io account at the bottom of this page: https://help.nextdns.io/settings/account

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    • chirag singhal yes it will

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