RTL+ Germany App Apple TV not work with Next DNS

Hello, can everyone Help?! RTL+ Streaming not starting with Next DNS on Apple TV…when i click Video or Live TV it’s only Black. I’m whitelisted blocked Domains and tested many more but nothing works. When I use Google DNS or normal DNS all works fine…

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    • bobsmith
    • 1 yr ago
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    open Developer settings on your browser and see what domains are blocked, add it to whitelist

    • hagezi
    • 1 yr ago
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    to your allowlist. ;)

    Gerd - https://github.com/hagezi/dns-blocklists

      • Chris.6
      • 1 yr ago
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      Gerd Z. 

      One thing I haven't seen mentioned anywhere yet is that the app on iPadOS behaves slightly differently and needs another allowlist entry. The URL mentioned gets around the black screen on all devices (Apple TV, iPadOS, …) but on iPadOS (and probably on iOS), the app will display an error message that can only be dismissed by pressing OK and will stop all playback, often crashing the app. This happens every 3 to 10 times playback is initiated. Adding the following URL to the allowlist gets around this behavior.


      This seems to be the URL responsible for actually showing ads before videos start. When this is blocked, the app notices that ads haven't been shown for a while, resulting in the error and crashes. Keeping this blocked will mostly stop any ads from being shown, but kind of breaks/crashes the app on iPadOS every so often.

      If only an Apple TV is used for playback, I would keep the hoover URL blocklisted as long as it works without the error message.

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