Which DNS settings has the priority ?

Hi ! I was wondering ; At my home, everything is cover by RasPi with NextDNS cli, my router/DHCP serves the clients DNS to my RasPi. If I have let's say an iPhone configured with a profile from NextDNS and I let the network tell me the DNS Server. On the logs panel, what will appear ? My iPhone with the configured name on the profile or the hostname from NextDNS cli ? What about with the VPN and not the profile ?


Also, visiting someone and connecting to the wifi, letting the DHCP set the DNS and still having my profile on my iPhone. What's happening ? Which settings on my iPhone with the profile, the VPN or the configured DNS by DHCP will answer my requests ?

I hope I'm clear on those explanations, not native :(

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  • For my network, I have NextDNS on a RasPI forwarding DHCP requests over DoH in AdGuard Home (I did use the NextDNS CLI in the past, but this was more convenient for me). For my personal devices, I use either Android over a VPN profile or the official client on Windows (I have not been able to test it on an iPhone but it should be the same). With this setup, my personal devices will take priority over the DHCP server and will use their respective profiles (and configured name) instead of the networks. Hope I was able to explain it clearly. Feel free to ask another question as I might be able to help.

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