Router has no DNS option

Hi everyone!

I have ZTE MF286R 4G router and it has no DNS option at all. I have found DDNS and options to only select preinstalled providers so I picked no-ip, registered, downloaded auto-IP update program, paste the domain name in NextDNS setup below "Link IP" option and I thought now it should work because everything is connected but no it does not. Then I found one post here that says that I need to enter "IPv4 (with Linked IP)" settings in the router as well but since I don't have a DNS section at all in my router I'm wondering what are my best options... Thanks!

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  • Desi V. said:

     That’s not what you want. 

    Desi V. said:
    but since I don't have a DNS section at all in my router

     Try reset your router. 
    Also if your router doesn’t support using own DNS settings, buy your own. Restricted router are outdated and not recommend. 

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  • You can also use the built in options on your devices, Android 9+ and the latest iOS has options to easily have NextDNS working without any apps, for Smart TVs etc you can use a DNS app and block Ads that way. Having a router to do all that is easier but there are always alternative. 

    This wouldn't solve the Router not having an option issue tho, for that you should do as he said above, I just wanted to say it so you could still have it working untill you got a new router. And while having it on the router is great, using the built in mobile solutions work over any WiFi and Mobile networks. So to a point I would also personally keep them on for consistency. It's just not bad having alternatives until the problem is completely fixed. 

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  • Unfortunately, I can't afford a new router and this is the one that I got from my Internet provider. That is why I excluded that as an option.

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