Validate Denylist and Allowlist

So I have been this for 2 or 3 weeks and already have 3 dozen properly denyed domains... there isn't a method to re-validate them and so to compare them against main lists like Easylist or Fanboy etc... I would like to periodically validate whether items in my list are still needed and if not then they be updated to disabled. 

Optionally it would nice to have timestamps to when something was last blocked (by the denylist)… or if you consider that perhaps even how increment how many times blocked by the denylist so if the item on the denylist would stop being referenced, that would could indicate we could disable it... or automate that... if not denyed for a month then disable... all to ultimately less your workload... I imagine you being popular or becoming popular... so perhaps if less than X entries then ... etc... if you get my drift.

Ultimately I would like to disable and or delete entries in those list to help you optimize your services.  I am prudent and hope others are too but I know they are not so your are only bound to overload your systems without cleansing options.   Automation and cleansing denylist based on age or usage or inclusion elsewhere would help.


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