Log... Merge consecutive domains in a log view. [edited/updated]

so it would take this small log list and it would instead be:
2x *.nextdns.io
3x *.microsoft.com
1x help.nextdns.io
1x www.googleapis.com
1x a.somedomain.com
1x play.google.com
1x ctldl.windowsupdate.com

so similar domains would be combined... you could click on them to expand them... but ultimately 7 lines displayed in both but bottom is more relevant and has more information.

Paid users could even have it further combined and have top 100 domains common... so google.com and nextdns.io and windowsupdate.com and microsft.com could be commined in to an entry of just "common domain" so for them it would look like this...
7x "common domain" (clickable and expandable to 2 nextdns.io 3 microsoft etc)
1x a.somedomain.com
4x                "common domain"  (clickable and expandable to (play.google windowsupdate etc)
1x a.otherdomain.com
9x                 "common domain" (clickale and explandable)
2x yetanotherdomain.com (clickable and expandable to a.yad and b.yad.com)
1x google.com

Point is you shrink needless complete log to something smaller and more viewable.

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    simply... ultimately... just merge consecutive lines and keep a count.

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