Trying to set up NextDNS on my Asus RT-AC68U

I do not want to flash Merlin and use the CLI tool - the service has a fault where it will simply just stop/crash randomly - could be days or hours - requiring a restart of the router, or to SSH into it and restart the service. It has been reported by several others on this forum with no solution, so until I see a specific fix for it, I'm not going down that road.

Instead I'm trying to use Asus' web portal to configure the DNS server to NextDNS. As NextDNS is not officially supported/listed by Asus, it requires manual configuration. Yet all I ever see from NextDNS is to use the CLI tool.

I believe this is configured through WAN > Internet Connection > WAN DNS Settings. Connect to DNS server automatically seems to be IPv4 only. I specify DNS Privacy Protocol  to DNS-over-TLS to match what NextDNS recommends, but then the rest of the settings I have no idea.

Strict or Opportunistic?
Preset Servers = NextDNS is not listed

DNS-over-TLS Server List asks for;

Address = I assume is [myid].dns.nextdns.io
TLS Port = No idea
TLS Hostname = No idea
SPKI Fingerprint = No idea

Is anyone able to assist please and point me to where I can find this information?

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  • You need this settings:




    - address_data:
        tls_auth_name: "YOURID.dns1.nextdns.io"
      - address_data:
        tls_auth_name: "YOURID.dns2.nextdns.io"

    So for Tls name : "YOURID.dns1.nextdns.io"

    for IP Address :


    next fields must be empty

  • Search for "setup nextdns manually on merlin" to get some of the earlier setup and manual testing suggestions.  Yeah I know you don't want to install Merlin...but those threads may provide you the guidance for native ASUS FW.   You want "strict" btw...

  • Both of your posts have been informative enough to fix this for me. Thank you.

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